Sunday, May 02, 2010

Art as Business: evaluation II

the kitchen window at KKV, artist run collective workshops, where I've done too much voluntary work.

Last week I felt it was time for me to start asking what I had done and what I had achieved when it comes to my Art as Business tasks. I then took a look at Public Art and Galleries, today I continue with Time Management...

Time management: Yes and No
  • Cluster. YES. I’ve been a good girl.
  • Using my calendar. YES, better than ever. For both deadlines and planning. For every night but Saturday I’ve scheduled tasks to do.
  • Liberate more time. NO, I’ve worked more than ever (see above). Today I took a look in the back mirror (that is ical, my calendar on the computer). I could very easily see that the problem has not been that I’ve not been disciplined; I’ve worked hard and I’ve met deadlines without any problems. No – I have absolutely done too many different things.
  • Long term planning. NO, more or less nothing.

As I have not managed to liberate more time, I have not been able to do any long term planning or taken any time off (much needed). My problem is not about discipline, it is not about planning – it is about over committing. I don’t seem to be able to evaluate how much time things will take – I just think “I can do that” or “that would be fun”. I am a bit aware of the problem though and actually withdraw from two group exhibitions and an art talk in April. (what was I thinking first saying yes? Besides those things would probably not even have generated money).

Recommendation to self
  • Face it - you are not a superhero with control over time(I might have other powers though!)
  • Fewer art projects
  • Limit the voluntary work to 2-3 hours a week (In autumn I wrote 1 hour, but that was totally unrealistic)
  • Only commit to voluntary work that could lead somewhere or be acknowledged (I’ve spend years doing things no one seems to have noticed. Someone else will have to take over – I’ve done my part). And these commitments altogether should be realistic for the scheduled 2-3 hours/week.
I'm not feeling well today, so this post will be a bit shorter than I originally planned. I will continue next week with evaluating teaching art and how I am doing when it comes to reaching my main goals (should I change strategies?).


kristina - no penny for them said...

i like reading your thoughts on this - and partly i recognise myself in the things you describe (overcommiting, not liberating time etc.)

food for thought...

hope you are feeling better soon.

●• Thereza said...

i must learn from the cluster bit (not a good girl over here).... it's all too abstract and messy in my head...

have a nice rest and feel better soon dear!
hope it's bank holiday tomorrow over in Sweden too..

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

I love these posts of yours. It helps me focus too and i sometimes also learn from it, so thanks for posting.
I hope you're feeling better soon, take care!

Sweet greetz

gracia said...

I hope you are feeling better, and I always enjoy reading this Sunday series of yours. Much to ponder. Much to mull over.

Veja cecilia said...

klok som en bok är du! ja det där med tid är knepigt. det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig. tid är verkligen flyktigt! krya på dig!

Camilla Engman said...

Den här posten skulle kunna varit skriven av mej. Innehållsmässigt inte engelskan ;)

Jobbat för mycket? Du kan inte bli sjuk förrän efter utställningen det vet du va!? Håller tummarna.

Christine Clemmensen said...

hear-hear! Ser frem til at læse mere :)
God bedring