Wednesday, January 28, 2009

messed up makeover

as I wasn't very pleased with the painting Messenger I had decided to give the girl a makeover. This is how it went.
before Christmas she looked like this. Transparent and alien. Insect like.

I wanted her warmer, more human - and less skinny. On Monday she had gotten a more classical look. (balancing on the border to kitsch is tricky. Sometimes you cross the line, but it is hard to see when you're in the middle of it) But the painting as a whole still didn't work.

Last night I just felt I needed a more radical change. Honestly I felt anything would be better than what I had.
... hm. I think this makeover needs more than make up. It's time to take out the knives.

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aimee said...

wow! such subtle changes, yet each one makes the painting look totally different. i like the middle 'classical' one.

thanks for the mention :)

marie-louise said...

Åh, hon i mitten som har en sån utsökt fin och känslig mun!

Anairam said...

I also like the middle one. (And I can sense your frustration in the last one - perhaps you can call it Daughter of Spock!)

●• Thereza said...

please, do not kill 'the messenger'!!

i think the second one was just perfect...

Fine Little Day said...

Jamen vilken makeover!