Tuesday, January 20, 2009

soccer rabbit

It looks like he should have played basketball instead, doesn't it?

But there is no logic or conscious thoughts behind these children's book figures I'm making. I just look at the left over papers after my son's painting/drawing session ... and find something there - already in the lines and colour fields. You know like Michelangelo. He said he just liberated the figure that was already hidden in the stone (though I'm not making any other comparisons with him!)

Something totally different: time for shopping! Marie-Louise has just opened a shop, Sandra has got another one and Aimée opened her some time ago.


aimee said...

i dig this soccer rabbit! and thanks for the mention :)

natsumi said...

haha, I love this soccer rabbit!!

BTW, I love your blog! I am always enjoy to see your art work!