Thursday, January 15, 2009

same same

Yesterday I went to see the Sweet Toof/Martin Lea Brown exhibition at Sartorial Contemporary Art. I knew of course of Sweet Toof as a graffiti artist and wanted to see his paintings. My knowledge of street art is so so, but I'm getting more and more interested.

in the street
in the gallery
Martin Lea Brown

The exhibit showed Martin Lea Brown upstairs - and Sweet Toof downstairs. "But, it must be the same guy who painted all paintings" I thought. "Colours, brush strokes ... everything is the same".

Yes, I might be ignorant, but I am not blind. Same person, two identities! Check graffoto for a review of the exhibit and a lots of photos.

invisiblemadevisible street art from east London.

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●• Thereza said...

ohh it looks cool and i'm so jealous of anyone who's out and about enjoying themselves at the moment...
i'm still chained to the computer and books writing the damn paper grrrrr

have a lovely weekend!