Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hemulen's pregnant girlfriend

Hemulen, from Moomin that is.

I would never have imagined - say one and a half year ago - that I would make little weird children's book's figures. It just started out as a sneaky way to try to make something creative while playing with the offspring. Then I wasn't alowed to make them while he was around (determined little guy) - and it became like a short little exercise late at night when I was too tired to do anything else, but still not prepared to go to bed. I'm not an illustrator - and this is far from what I make in my "real art" - but it's been great fun because there are no restrictions and I can just follow the flow. I work really fast and some nights I can make several in just 10 minutes if I have "the right eyes".

On the other hand I never imagined I would be painting large watercolurs/acrylics as I do now - I have always painted in oil colours! But teaching watercolour at night classes suddenly gave me the urge. Basically I think I am very influenced by what is (visually) around me!


aimee said...

not an illustrator? i think you can do just about anything art-related as soon as you put your mind to it. these children's figures are fab!

marie-louise said...

Hej och Hallå,
många bra och nya inlägg hä hinner ju inte med! Hemulen och utlottning och allt - fina illustrationer det där!

Bibbi said...

Det är väl tur att man inte vet vad som väntar runt hörnen. Det svåra är att hålla sitt sinne öppet för alla sina möjligheter. Var ska du ställa ut? Här i Sverige? Du är välkommen till verkstan whenever :)