Thursday, September 25, 2008

cake and bacon

After checking out two places where I'm applying for jobs I indulged in chocolate cake and Bacon.

The Francis Bacon exhibit is so worth visiting. I have seen many of his paintings in real life before, but not all of these - and not that many at a time. As a friend of mine is a conservator working at Tate and walked me around the exhibit - I got to hear the gossip about the paintings and drawings. The state they are in (the paint on the older paintings are loosening as Francis painted on the back side of the canvas) and that some of the drawings are considered to be fake by many of the conservators, but not by the curators. (the story is that Francis Bacon's lover made them after Francis' death - when he needed money).

Francis is one of my favorite artists. I am still fighting with a triptych started in January (the second painting was finished in March) that is a crucifixion inspired by his paintings. The third one has - on the way become other paintings ... on their own. But maybe this last one I'm trying will be the one? Maybe I saw the solution today?


●• Thereza said...

awww glad you enjoyed the day! i want to go to francis bacon next week!!
tate interface is great and you can hear/see interviews and what's in each room. just gave me that extra urge to go!!

Anonymous said...

very good combination :)
I'd love to see that exhibition.