Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 patterns today

this was my day in three different patterns:

Pattern: "Pottery" by Stig Lindberg.
My bag (from Design House Stockholm) packed with London A-Z, water and lunch.

Pattern: stripes.
the chairs at Victoria Embankment Gardens. I ate my lunch here.

Pattern: dots
My blind date was...
... lovely Thereza. Thanks for showing me around and letting me know you! You were my second encounter via blogging. And even better than I could have hoped! Thereza, you might also enjoy the textiles by Josef Frank - you'll find many of his textiles here and here you can find other things.

Meeting generous people like Thereza makes me hopeful about the world. Anyone else out there? This also makes me happy: Bookcrossing.


asphalt and air said...

aaahhh. i love it when the blog world goes live and we actually get to meet each other in person!
so great!
i'm happy that they two of you got to meet up.
maybe i'll make it out to London sometime soon? then i could also stop by and say hello!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Come here!
you're closer now.

●• Thereza said...

great links, thank you! and thanks again for such a nice afternoon out!
hope you're having a nice evening.
see you soon lovely! :)

aimee said...

how fun that you two met in person!

i love these patterns :)

Camilla Engman said...

Bättre än du kunde tänka dej - efter att du träffat mej ;) (jag utgår från att jag är den andra). Vad roligt att det blev så lyckat, visst är webben härlig.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

nja, du är väl allra bäst ändå, Camilla.

Esti said...

You two seem pretty nice people, I'd say just by reading your blogs. It's fantastic you could meet up and share some time and talk together.
The only thing that makes me shy about meeting blogger friends is the language. Sometimes it feels as if my English sounds a little dumb...

Bibbi said...

Spännande när världen blir större och närmare! De är så många i England, du kommer att ha så mycket kul :)