Thursday, March 13, 2008

fighting to get there

I started this watercolour in January - first steps here - then continued - next steps here. And this is how I finally solved it last week (but I sure had to fight to get there)

After erasing most of the figure rubbing with a sponge - I draw with white wax crayon where I wanted light. Then poured my coffee over her.

Adding Chinese Ink. I liked the way it looked.

But when it had dried the effect had either gotten pail or floated out. Added some read on the lips and the eyes. But I was getting so annoyed by her smug smile and canting look that I smacked her in the face...

... so she got noose blood.
I liked it.

Some of the effect disappeared when it dried, but it still works. Especially with her sister painting next to it. It is to be a triptych. Just one more fight to take.


Esti said...


(can I say I like the sister without making her jealous?)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Esti - I don't know if you can say that ... those sisters are very competitive ...

asphaltandair said...

these two are wonderful.
i can't wait to see the third.
i heart triptychs!