Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've spent a very boring day reformulating my CV and rewriting and rewriting an application letter. I know I had to do it this week, but I just keep looking at my new materials (bought yesterday) - I want to paint. But being realistic I'll have to wait some days.

Danny Treacy
Helen Marshall

Anyone wondering who was my first blog encounter? She will always be my first and very special one.


Camilla Engman said...

:) :x

●• Thereza said...

hey! updating the CV? good for you! did you manage to get the stage paper today?
thank you so much for your nice words about the zine. you WERE the first to see the final product!

fingers crossed you'll get a nice job real soon. and please, do have find a little time to have some fun with the new art supplies you got yesterday. can't wait to see the portrait! :)

keep in touch!

asphalt and air said...

oh dear. i know how dull reformulating CV's can be.
i spent two weeks doing it!
wishing you very good luck with your new CV!!!