Saturday, June 07, 2008

National day and new citizens

Yesterday was Sweden's National Day and the new Swedish citizens in Göteborg were invited to Slottskogen (the big central park) to get some gifts and eat a buffet. As I had a new Swedish citizen in my family I could go also.

The gifts?
A book about old Göteborg, a year ticket to the Amusement park, tickets to the Symphonic Orchestra and to the Garden exhibit and a year ticket to the museums. A nice and cultural gift!

After more then an hour waiting in line and realizing it would take more than two more hours we decided it wasn't worth it. It was an Italian buffe (?!) I actually think they were trying to teach the new citizens to wait in line and to be grateful they got something from generous Sweden.

Ok, I got a bit grumpy. Probably just bad organization.

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