Saturday, June 28, 2008

for better and for worse




... and rain

More goodbyes to my apartment (my home since 2002).


Christine Clemmensen said...

It sounds so sad. I hope your move goes well, and that your new place will give you great joy.
Thank you for your sweet comment, and thank you for drawing my attension to your blog. You have a lot of beautiful stuff here - I can't wait to explore some more:))

Esti said...

Life should only get better and better.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful sequence of photos to accompany your words, Alexandra.

be well, g

famapa said...

hoppas din nya lya är ännu finare :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I know what I had - but not what I'll get. I'm abandoning my home without having a new place - yet. (Hur lyan blir återstår alltså att se... men att det blir i London är i varjefall säkert!)


●• Thereza said...

Alexandra, change is good!
i understand it can be a little bit scary but it's a process like anything else we do. be happy :)

beautiful images, the sequence reflects your mood perfectly.