Wednesday, June 18, 2008

disorganized collection

Ah. These things you save being an artist.

I have a whole collection of "white walls" that I cut away in the good old days before digital cameras. The photos were of my art pieces and I was amused by how the surrounding white walls "changed" depending on the dominant colour of the art piece. So I saved what I cut away. I planned to - one day - make a white wall patch work style.

This disorganized collection of white walls went to the garbage today. Camilla on the other hand has her organized collections. She even started an organized collection pool. I could pretend and try to participate - but my collections are utterly disorganized...

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asphalt and air said...

i am also having to get rid of my random collections. it hurt a bit to throw away random pieces of ideas. us creative types like to have our special "junk" around. i hope that you will start building new collections soon!
p.s. taking photos of things before tossing them certainly makes the process a bit less painful.