Thursday, June 26, 2008

bye bye apartment

This coming weekend is going to be the last one in my apartment. So - I'm saying goodbye.

bye bye magpie who likes sitting on the antenna.

bye bye rosé wine and supper at the balcony

bye bye fish on the wall

bye bye coffee in the kitchen

karin kaster
ivan andersen


Lotte said...

Hmm... hope it´s a *happy* goodbye..Or? :D

asphalt and air said...

these are very sweet goodbyes.
i hope that these times aren't too tear-drenched for you.
this post gave me some comfort to know that someone else is also packing up and leaving for new adventures far away from home...

Alexandra Hedberg said...

It's not too teardrenched... in some way it makes me remember everything good better. And I'm very happy to get rid of so much "luggage"

To new adventures - wherever the might be!

Maggie May said...

who me?--magpie.

very sweet, reminds me of 'goodnight moon'