Friday, April 11, 2008


On Tuesday night I read about the project the healing sketch at Marie-Louise Sundqvist's blog. There is a flickr group to join for it. It's about committing to make one sketch per day and the fundamental principle is to play and have fun!

But this is no good for me. I couldn't resist and sat down a whole hour after midnight and made many drawings in a new sketchbook. And last night again, same time. And now I feel the urge again. I joked with myself about being a workaholic - but I truly might be one. Here you can check if you are (I said yes to all questions except 13 and 14! 10 is not true any longer, but were once).

I'm thinking the sketches might be for my children's book.


gracia said...

Beautiful work.

And I, too, love when you get on a roll and draw or create a handful at one time.

Off to check out your links further,

Marie-Louise said...

Samtidigt är det ju en lycka att vara drabbad av mani... men det är klart att det kan bli för mycket.
Men din nya bild är jättefin, tänk om du får ihop en hel radda i samma anda och till en barnbok, det kan ju bli jättebra.
Jag håller tummarna för det!

Camilla Engman said...

Det tycker jag med, att din bild är superfin. Lite sorglig och lite söt :)

sandra said...

oh wow, jag tycker den är jättefin! skulle vilja vara kompis med den. fina färger. fint allt.

Esti said...

I make sketches everytime that I sit, so like you I can't apply to the one sketch a day formula.
Is the children book idea getting its way in your mind and working hours?