Friday, April 18, 2008

small world (göteborg): namedropping

All this week I've been giving a screenprinting workshop (at KKV) to students from Dômen Art School. Mia Frankedal taught the first week, but she had a marble workshop in Portugal this week - so I got the chance to show what I can.

The students at Dômen had had four different workshops to choose in between: video, performance, screenprinting and model building. Today we presented the results. At the photo Andreas Korsar is introducing what the students achieved at his model building workshop (it might sound a bit boring - but the resulting art pieces and photos were amazing). I knew of his drawings before, and of some animations. Andreas Korsar at you tube: music video for the Knife. Here you can learn more about the Knife. He's also worked togeteher with Andreas Nilsson who studied with me once at Hovedskou Art School (nowadays Göteborg Art School). Fredrik Gunve gave the performance class. Turned out that he knew David Crawford who studied with me at Art & Technology. And: Johannes Nyholm - who had the video workshop - was actually teaching the first term back then. Small world (Göteborg) - Johannes Nyholm has also worked with Andreas Nilsson on a video for the Knife.

Dômen Art School is having Open House tomorrow. I'll also try to see Henrik Persson's exhibit at Stena salen at the Art Museum. (Henrik is teaching at Dômen - a friend of the two Andreas mentioned above, studied with me - and totally disliked me). (It's like a web all these people ...)

Have a nice weekend!

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Bibbi said...

Vore verkligen kul att ses! Du verkar ha haft det intensivt och skoj på sistone :)