Monday, April 07, 2008

never ending story: final presentation(?)

Tonight, just before 20:00, I gave my final presentation (?) of the enamels for the eleven entrances. It was at the tenant-owner's association's annual assembly - and (most) people seemed pleased with my work. I showed a serie of photos of the looooong process and improvised mostly in my "speech" (even though I had prepared some notes which I didn't follow). I even got some laughters.

Once upon a time - not long ago - I used to get really nervous by doing these things, but not any longer. It just disappeared. Magically. I'm not scared of making a fool of myself any longer - it doesn't matter - and because of that everything runs smoothly. And if I would forget what to say, or make a mistake - it's on me. Most people are nice - if you smile and show you're human they will understand. I still - of course - might feel afterwards that I could have done it better. But that is just to remember for the next time!

If you wonder: No. the enamels are still not mounted. Just one for testing lamps and montage. I will show you what it looks like when it's finally done.

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Bibbi said...

Ser fint ut! Can't please them all, tänker jag ibland. Grattis till försvunnen scenskräck, jag tyker också den försvunnit med åren.