Sunday, April 13, 2008

midnight sketching

yes, I'm doing it again.

I set some rules for the game:
- base it on my 3 year old son's leftovers (paintings, drawings, cutouts)
- make at least two/night
- show my co-artist the result in the morning to see his reactions (he keeps showing me the empty pages of the sketchbook implying that I'm slow) and learn from them. (he didn't like this one - maybe it's too hard to read?)


Esti said...

That's a good game, but my daughters don't want me near their pices of art. ;)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Esti - soon my son will be like that too. But right now he doesn't really care about the result of drawing/painting. It's more about the act and the moment of creation to him. We have like hundred papers with just different lines on them, or one single stroke of paint, or drops of paint. It felt like such a waist to throw it away - and they have a nice structural feeling.

andrea tachezy said...

Nice game, I like it.