Tuesday, April 01, 2008

preparing for screenprinting

I'll do some screenprinting at KKV the rest of the week. This Valkyrie is a sketch for the print I'll work on. I have sketched on a Darth Vader as well, but I haven't really gotten what I wanted there - yet. So I'll better wait with that one. Besides - part of the screen session is to prepare for some classes I'll give in screenprinting on paper later in April. So I need to run some tests (and not try to print too many prints).

The Valkyrie is to be part of my Superheroes (Darth Vader too!).


Agata said...

scareing ;]

Esti said...

OHH How I would like to have you as teacher! I spent too much time painting canvases before dedicating my little spare time to drawing, that I've forgotten so much about screenprinting. Now that I need to get back to it!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

thanks, Esti! What is nice with screenprinting is that you can continue to work on your drawings. And you can always keep a copy for yourself when you sell them (sometimes it's hard to seperate from paintings...)