Thursday, April 24, 2008

fear and trembling

I've been spending some time with my bookkeeping. And tax declaration. They've put a little flower on the brochure from the tax office - like saying; it's nice and fun.

I've been sitting with hundreds of receipts (in a folder), my calculator and a bottom line report that doesn't make sense. (I make my own bookkeeping) I have been feeling like Amélie in Fear and trembling (movie based on Stupeur et tremblements by Amélie Nothomb). This Amelie has managed to get a job as an interpreter in a company in Japan. As she is not respecting the protocol or hierarchy in Japan - and also acts impulsively - she is soon downgraded to carrying out the most unnecessary tasks; like control counting some expense accounts. This has nothing to do with why she was originally hired. She is no good with numbers. She works night and day - and gets different results from the calculator every time - for the same calculation. There are some really good scenes when she stays all nights in the office with her face closer and closer to the calculator and to the papers with the numbers. She feels totally and utterly confused.

Maybe that's why they put the flower there - like saying: don't worry?


Esti said...

I hope you get through this rough times. Tax affaires never sound fun or entertainning. And as for the flower thing, it really has puzzled me!

Marie-Louise said...

Deklarationstider...vad ska man säga...det är ett lidande - jag hatar det!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Och jag skjuter upp det så länge att plågan oxå pågår mer än nödvändigt (jag söker uppskov redan i februari). Duktiga du som gör din i tid. Njut av befrielsen!
hoppas att du i utsräkningen ser att du sen får tillbaka på skatten! (det får aldrig jag)

Bibbi said...

Grattis till att du har börjat i alla fall, jag har inte ens kommit dit!