Tuesday, April 08, 2008

screenprinting made easy: 1

For my class next week, and last week of April, I prepared these simple screenprints. Instead of transferring something to a plastic film through computer and copy machine/printer - I simply used some shapes I had cut earlier (playing with the offspring). I taped them on to the plastic film and transferred them to the screenframe directly (using photo emulsion). To get the irregular orange background I simply taped a shape onto an unprepared screenframe ("typical screenprint" to print a colourfield like that as a base). The white shape (in the print on the right) was originally a rhino made by using a stencil directly under the screenframe while printing.

The idea with these prints is to show how you can make screenprints in a more direct way. Sometimes that can be the best way to start out so you'll understand the underlying principles. This way of working is also referring to early poster art made with silk screen: big simple shapes in strong colours.

Lately I've gotten more interested in works on paper. Georgia Russel cuts paper (no 8 - De Baudelaire au Surréalisme is my favorite) - many of them books. Caterina Crepax makes fashion inspired paper art (check opere).

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charrow said...

wow. I am going to try that. I work at a screen printing design studio and they let me run free which is great, but they also do not give me that kind of direction. great colors by the way.