Sunday, February 17, 2008

my red bowl broken. A little boy playing fire brigade got wild - and the bowl that I grew up with in the 70th - will now just be kept as a memory. It was a Margrethe bowl (in melamine - a hard plastic) from Rosti designade by Sigvard Bernadotte och Acton Bjørn in the 1950. I've used that bowl for making meatballs, baking Christmas cakes and as my special bowl for eating popcorns for more then 20 years. And it was used in my family before that - for how long I don't know.

I've always liked the feeling of continuity, to still be using old things from my family - like the mortar I wrote about the other week. I have actually many things - everyday objects, books and clothes - with interesting stories behind them. Bibbi's request (to write about something special) has actually inspired me - I've decided to - now and then - share a special object with an interesting story behind it. (I'm not sure this one counts though)


Marie-Louise said...

Vissa saker fäster man sig mer vid. Denna kan du säkert ersätta (kanske inte samma färg men...)
Jag har en vacker sjal som jag fått av min syster som bor i England. Varje dag när jag ser den tänker jag på henne! Många gånger pratar man om att vi har för mycket grejer, att man borde rensa osv. Och visst, men tänk så härligt det är med alla prylar med "historia".

andrea tachezy said...

What a pitty! I really understand you, I like the old things, with the history and their own life very much. Much more then the new things.Almost everything in our flat is "used".

mansuetude said...

of Yes of course this counts. I had a thick white mug with a blue hand painted (something small) on it. My sister gave it to me and it was my drink tea mug and when it broke, i cried like a two year old. It was like having her with me somehow.