Thursday, February 28, 2008

my father napping

The other week I was asked by a student for how long I've been working with watercolours. Truthfully I answered I took it up last year (to teach!) after many years only painting in oil. I said I had just used watercolours for sketches while traveling. I mostly used that material in my late teens. But of course that is a truth with modification; when I consider not using - it might just be not using a lot. I've always kept making sketches and portraits - private stuff.

Checking some old materials (wondering if I had been painting any watercolours the last years) I came across this portrait of my father. My father died in 2001. This portrait must be from around 1999 (I didn't write the date). I miss him.


mansuetude said...

i can almost feel that he is dreaming. love the way a lamp (bit golden glow of it) exists in the portrait--its symbolic of light and life, living on in some way, for me.

an intimate moment. thanks.

Marie-Louise said...

Oj, oj, så starka känslor du förmedlar. Livet, tiden...
Mycket fin bild av din Pappa, vilken tur att du har målat den!