Monday, February 04, 2008

livin' in a box

Context. Sometimes it's all about context. This is the view from my kitchen window - showing exactly the same kind if building that I'm living in. The houses are from the early 80's and are not giving the impression of care for details (brown plastic trims (svenska: lister) instead of wooden ones for example). But suddenly they don't seem that uncool any longer. It's like living in a container - the Container City in London - so contemporary.

And then there is Aki Kaurismäki's movie from 2002: The man without Memory (I'm not certain about the English title). The man who has forgotten who he is, is living in a very nice container - but totally different from the ones in London. A very good movie.

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Anonymous said...

The Man Without a Past has to be one of my favourite, favourite films... so beautiful, and that colour palette of deep red, blue, rich black and peppermint holds me ever entranced. The soundtrack to this film is equally brilliant.

cheers, gracia