Monday, February 18, 2008

cutting shapes

Another "art piece" from my creative sessions with the offspring. I cut our old paintings and use their variations not adding anything extra. And then very often my son cuts my art piece into small small pieces. ( the elephant was so nice...). And laughing. (kill your darlings?)

Cutting paper you can make very nice things. Marie-Louise Sundqvist had yesterday a post about paper art. Nikki Mcclure and Peter Callesen both make cut outs - but totally different. Peter is my favorite though. Found through MoCo Loco.


mansuetude said...

that phrase, :kill your darlings: has traveled all over the world, in art and poetry...this made me laugh, too!

tina said...

gillar din blogg - vilken fart! pysslade med robin igår och det var
ju riktigt kul. vi gjorde en parafras på omslaget till rödspättan katinka och den blev riktigt lyckad.