Friday, February 22, 2008

hanging exhibit

My exhibit opens tomorrow at Konstnärshuset in Kungsbacka - by then you can (hopefully) read some words (in Swedish) about the exhibit and see some of the art pieces here.

The post was faster to Portugal then I thought - Ana Ventura already got my mobile (check also her nice blog).

But when will I get mine - and made by whom?


andrea tachezy said...

goog luck with the opening! It is a pitty, but I can´t read in Swedish :-(
Your mobile is wonderful, happy Ana.

mansuetude said...

love the depth of field in this photo... did you get down on the knees to take it? Grace and power to your exhibit!!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Thanks Andrea and Mansuetude!
It's over now, the opening, and everything was great - sold some things and quite a lot of people came (considering it's not in my own town).