Monday, February 11, 2008

enamel: step 1

This week I'm going to share the process behind my enamels (for the commission) .
Step 1: spray painted a thin layer of yellow to give the enamel a warmer tone. A lot of the yellow disappears in the oven. It's just by comparing with one without the tone that you'll notice.

Today the photo copy machine was refusing to help me to prepare the originals for screening. Luckily I prepared 6 frames last week - and have 4 copies for others. But I have to solve this - I need to make at least 8 extra copies on transparent paper to make the commission.

Francesca Woodman (1958-1981) - take the time to see the clip introducing her world of photo. She committed suicide. Most photos are self portraits. I especially like her as Alice in Wonderland - a reoccurring theme in my own art.


mansuetude said...

Wow> !!
Really love this photographer's work. Its stunning...and she was so young. I might go to the library and peek at her diary published by her father.

My favorite is the ones where she ducks under a line drawn on the wall; and becomes embeded in the wallpaper. Its like that short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman (i think that's her name).

Wonder what she would have done if she didn't end her life; or why she did it. So many brilliant vision-ary artist just can't look anymore.

Thanks for this introduction to her.

cecilia said...

Hej! Gillar dina grejer! Jag går fjärde året på en konsthögskola på Irland så min blogg handlar också om det dagliga livet som konstnär :)

Lycka till!

Bibbi said...

Ska bli rolgt att följa emaljerna!