Wednesday, November 09, 2011

why I blog

when I get stuck with my art cutting it up and combining bits in new ways is a great way to reflect 
and get some self distance. I analyze what I do - and why.

Sometimes it feels harder to blog. It can be because of lack of "inspiration", because you're into something else in the real world, there might simply not be enough time, because you are too tired (me right now). It can be because you don't see the point spending all that time ...

Those days I remind myself of all the good things I've gotten through blogging; 
  • friends 
  • inspiration and encouragement 
  • job opportunities 
  • the habit of documenting my work and process
  • the habit of reflecting over what I do and the courage to do it aloud
  • several years overview of what I do (like a diary)
... and much more. 


Daniel Milton said...

Totally agree!

Satsuki said...

I totally agree too !

Sometimes I ask myself the same questions about blogging. But when I browse the past years of my blog, I always get back to it. So many things I would have forgotten if not written there ! So many friends I have never seen but I care for ! So much inspiration ! The time spent into the blog world is always rewarding.

(btw, I love this pink and orange lady !)

Veja cecilia said...

jag kan inte kommentera:(

Veja cecilia said...

åh nu gick det. jag skrev: tack för att du påminde mig!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree too! and encourage you to continue…

nathalie et cetera said...

thank you for reminding me. I often ask myself the same question. why i keep on doing it is still vague. i'm afraid i don't have as many good reasons as you do. but inspiration is certainly one of them. it's always a pleasure to see what you are up to.