Wednesday, November 23, 2011

exhibition: Love Lundell

Love Lundell is right now exhibiting at  Göteborgs Konstförening in their Big Gallery.  You can roughly say he is exhibiting two slightly different types of works. Both are good, but I think his more collage-like works (above) stand out. They have something that makes me think of them again. And again. What especially appealed to me is the way he works the surface and his feeling for the material, the colour planes and shapes. There's a rhythm. I got inspired by this exhibition.

Love Lundell also works with illustration. The exhibition ends on the 4th of December.
this line of work I didn't like as much. This painting was the best of them. Not that they weren't good. It's just that "I've seen it before" ...

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sandra said...

ja wow jättefint! kul att du delade med dig eftersom jag inte kan gå och titta själv. gillar alltihop massor, särskilt sista bilden!