Friday, November 04, 2011

exhibition: Marta Runemark

the ostrich (life-size) is a reflection

Yesterday I visited Marta Runemark's exhibition at Galleri Jeanette Ölund in Borås. Marta Runemark makes sculptures out of papier machée and recycled materials (burned pieces of wood, old fabrics, nails, small animal skulls, metal parts etc). It was like going back to Hieronymus Bosch's detailed medieval world (though the horses wings are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci), but with a more accurate knowledge of exotic animal's physiognomy. And I would say with less sin than Bosch and milder humor. Marta's exhibition made me smile and I was intrigued by her attention to detail and love for the materials. 

The exhibition will be on until the 17th of November.

close up horse
close up ostrich (burned wood)

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The Art Cupboard said...

brilliant work, i love the emotion of her pieces.
breath taking