Friday, August 19, 2011

my first concrete casting

a simple way of casting: a ready made form (old plastic cookie box) with my rubber shapes glued to the bottom. (if any one wonders: it's a basket with apples)
two days later
when the concrete is dry (and paler): colouring with copper sulphate

the right one (isn't mine) is coloured with iron sulphate


Ana Gonzalez said...

I really like your first piece of concrete.

I admire that you always experiment with materials and techniques that appear to be from other disciplines, that enrich your artistic work.

I look forward to your projects with this material.

marie-louise said...

Mmm, det ser skönt ut det där!

We Blog Artists said...

wow...interesting...I like the way your work makes my mind search and figure out what the subject is...
Sometimes I feel my work too ridged...oh well...I guess it's time I am lacking and that experimental fun which needs time too.

love it.

Aris said...

very cool! I thought the baket was Snow White"s shoe at first with the apple, then i realized it was the basket. (:
New materials are always so full of possibility!

Lotte said...

Ohh...looke cool...Ingen tvivl om at det er en kurv med æbler :)))

Doris M. Bennett said...

Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... concrete contractors york pa