Sunday, August 21, 2011

concrete: one step further

not anything ready-made this time. 100% Alexandra made.

When I teach screenprinting I always try to get my students to understand that experimenting and really learning the new material and techniques is the main thing on a course and that you should never hope to make something good when experimenting. And then I very often show them my first totally boring screenprint (when I learn a new technique or material I always at first make awful or boring stuff). So at the concrete course I tried to keep that open mind myself (but of course I secretly anyway always - deep inside - hope to make a master piece). I made a lot of tests and experiment (I won't show you a horrible horrible little dog I made - good experiment though). 

As I got totally blank - not one single good idea - I just reused Snow white with accessories from my commission (she became a bit too sweet though). This piece isn't really finished yet - it should harden for 3 weeks and then I'll treat the surface in different ways and show you.

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annton said...

I am stunned by your experiments; never thought about concrete to be used like this. great!