Tuesday, August 09, 2011

still summer, but a new year

For me the new year always starts after summer vacation - not in January. 

Going back to work I'm always astonished by everything I have to do. It's never a slow start. This new year's start was mounting my public commission and every single day in August I have something booked. On Thursday I'll go away a week for a concrete casting course learning something new. I'm so looking forward to it (and it's actually work - as art is my business)! On coming back the roles will be the opposite and I'll continue teaching the screenprinting summer course to the design students. 

But this is actually good planning - September and October will be only studio time!


Daniel Milton said...

Samma här! I augusti drar det igång. Bra startmånad.

gracia said...

"Art is my business" is just the phrase I need to keep in my head today. Thanks, Alexandra.