Friday, April 23, 2010

Now I got my cards!

I almost hugged the postman today when he rang the door and handed me a parcel from Spain. Finally I had gotten my "We are a Happy Family"! (The ashes from the Icelandic volcano had made it impossible to fly to Gothenburg until yesterday ... so a lot of mail ha gotten delayed.)

For the third time I got even more impressed by them; I am so talented! No, just kidding; the quality of the print was so good - the fabric I had scanned for the tablecloth showed in all its details!

Esti has been writing a little text about all the participants on her blog. Here you can order the cards - all proceeds goes to Médecins sans Frontières (Läkare utan gränser).


Anonymous said...

What a cool project! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to buy some too!

●• Thereza said...

aren't they gorgeous?! glad you got yours now :::D

Aris said...

I got mine too!!! So impressed with them all and the quality, Such fun!!!!

Esti said...

Alexandra, now I am happy. I was getting worried about the delivery delay. I'm also happy because you all seem to have liked the outcome. Good!!
I have already said to all of you how lucky I have been to count with such talented artists, but also I want to stress here that the way you've designed your cards has made my children play with them in other ways. They pretend they're a family eating lunch (which they are) and they put voices to them! It's such fun!

Lotte said...

Good thing you finally got your stack through the vucano dusty sky :)))))))))))))))))