Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art as Business: Progress Report VI

I must say that I feel like I am absolutely not getting anywhere. Or even worse: I move backwards. It’s like playing Monopoly and you are about to reach GO and collect your salary; and you get the card “go directly to jail”.

The other week I learned that the Tenant Owners’ Association won’t order the enamels. They claimed the reason was that they had discovered that they were to renovate the facades very soon – according to their long-time planning. And therefore enamels for the entrances wasn’t the right decision at this moment.

Ah – go directly to jail!

jumping - one-legged (crippled) - to jail.

But one thing I have succeeded with: Cluster! I had clustered all my short courses and guest-teaching to a period of 4 weeks (3 totally different screen printing courses, Manga for kids, Creative school x 3) And this period is now over. But I had totally underestimated the time for preparations and how tired I would get. Combined with all the other things I had scheduled to do it meant that I’ve worked even more than before. Not even ONE night off in the week (and I get up at the very latest 07:15 in the morning) – instead administration in front of the computer and preparations.

Things I’ve done anyway
  • artists statement in Swedish
  • exhibition and grant applications
  • filled up my screen printing course in May (yes!) thanks to proper marketing
  • sent invoices (not bad)
  • hanged an exhibition
But I haven’t done much more. And this blog has fewer readers than ever. And I’m tired. But it always rains the most just before it stops. The sun is somewhere behind the clouds and eventually it will shine on me.

It’s been 6 months since my very first progress report and I think I have better evaluate if - when looking at the bigger picture – I’ve really made any progress according to my plans. Should I do something different? It is not just about doing a lot of tasks. It’s about doing the right ones. Sometimes I have this suspicion that I prioritise wrong.

Next Sunday: Evaluation


Denise SCARAMAI said...

I loved your art, his drawings, his writings ...
thought you were very generous in sharing your experience
professional, their gear and your thoughts!
His paintings are really awesome! succinct and elegant!
Congratulations! I am following your updates.
I really enjoyed meeting you!
Denise Scaramai
from Sao Paulo / Brazil

annamaria potamiti said...

Me too! I love your work- and I love this blog!I too had my opening last night and I can tell you I have some really awesome , supportive friends and a great loving family, but I didn't get the number of 'new' people coming through the gallery that I had wished. I am exhausted and dissappointed but looking forward to 'rethinking' my marketing strategies too!!I have to say, I so very admire your guts and your persistence, and your clarity!
Take care,
Annamaria xx

nathalie et cetera said...

Je suis désolée pour le projet des émaux. Tu as tavaillé tellement fort pour ça. Je peux comprendre ta frustration générale. C'est difficile de savoir si on prend les bonnes décisions, si on met les prioritiés à la bonne place. Parfois, il suffit d'être au bon endroit au bon moment. Je te souhaite bon courage, bon repos et du temps à l'atelier.

●• Thereza said...

ohh gosh, just came from Cecilia's blog and the struggle continues... over here too, it's no picnic but we have to keep positive as you rightly said after a storm the sun eventually comes to shine...
i always admire your honesty and aims clarity of your business posts. wish i had 10 per cent of it!

spotted dog farm said...

hi alexandra,
just wanted to say that i've been following your work and this series and SO appreciate your honesty, even in the rough times! i bet you have more readers and admirers than you realize!!

Aris said...

You rock. I love the honesty and strength in your words and your work.

Ana Gonzalez said...

Alexandra, long ago I follow and read your blog, I appreciate you without knowing you, for your directness, and I admire your work.

Do not be discouraged by having fewer readers. "You measure your visitors with Google analytics? "You measure your readers with feedburner? I guess so, because if you rely only on the comments that you may leave readers, people often comment shortly.

Strategies sometimes work and sometimes not, and must be put into practice other. If you see that the courses will work continue with this strategy, and even prepare them to make online that people can download the course.

Have you thought out a newsletter? I'm planning a newsletter soon, is something that some artists are working to sell more.

ha, ha, ha, I do not sleep much, I have many things to do all the projects I have in my head.

Rebecca said...

Ta't lugnt. Allt går i vågor tror jag. En period är man ASTAGGAD på en grej och det är det roligaste i hela världen och allt går super och man har flow och får nya uppdrag och har massor av energi. Och plötsligt är man bara...mätt. Allt kanske går okej bra, men man blir inte kär i sina grejer... man ifrågasätter kanske om man pysslar med rätt grej. Man kanske riktar om fokus på något annat ett tag - försöker förkovra sig inom ett annat område. Och plötsligt. Kommer inspirationen. Den tändande gnistan! Var så säker! Ge inte upp!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Thank you all for you encouragement!

It warms my heart - and makes me dry me tears...