Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how to turn a day

It turned out to have been too early to declare victory when it came to my tax declaration....something isn't making much sense with my balance sheet. (Why do I always declare victory too early? Maybe to feel victorious at least for a moment?). Yesterday and this morning I was so angry - I want to go to my studio and paint - but in order to sort out numbers you need to stay calm and be concentrated. Not swearing and throwing papers and scaring your family.

So I needed to turn the day.

How to turn a bad day to a good day

1. Give your sister a nice pair of earrings that you received the day before in a package from Christine

2. Borrow your little nephew to hug for a while - and feel the calmness spread in your body

3. make a quick sketch of people you love

4. Go for a coffee with someone who always make you see things in a better light

5. Enjoy the sunlight and listen to the birds singing

Update: the very next day I really saw the light: I understood everything about bookkeeping, found the mistakes and could happily finish it off. Yes, it is true!


Anonymous said...

So does this mean you completed your taxes and then did these things to make the day better? Or you did these things to make the day better INSTEAD of completing your taxes??
The latter sounds like procrastination. :-)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I worked 2,5 hours in the morning with my numbers (I have my own business...) - then I didn't cancel what I had planned before getting into trouble... that is meeting my sister and a friend. On returning home I was calm and happy and could concentrate on correcting things!

So YES - I did these things to make the day better! And it helped my mood! I don't see it like procrastination....rather like a healthy break you need to take when you get stuck ;)

Camilla Engman said...

En döskalle kastis, det var längesedan man såg sådana. Tack för den fina komplimangen

Daniel Milton said...

Det är därför jag har en revisor, fy för siffror. Fina bilder, ha en bra dag!

marie-louise said...

Små bebi fötter och snälla kompisar piggar alltid upp. Och fina foton och intressanta bloggar som din:)

Lotte said...

Damn I don´t have a Sister but like skulls...Jeg har endnu ikke lavet mit regnskab, fordi det er en af de mest irriterende ting ved at være sin egen boss...Håber du får styr på tallene efter gode positive "krumspring" hihi

annamaria potamiti said...

A good day after all!Yay!
Annamaria :)

nathalie et cetera said...

tes photos montrent bien que cette pause était la bienvenue.
bonne fin de semaine Alexandra !

aimee said...

good for you!! even if you didn't get your taxes done, at least you had a good day! and i couldn't agree more about walking away for a while to change the mood!

aimee said...

p.s. your sketches are so good... i hope you share more of them here!