Friday, October 09, 2009

home with clay

... and a child with fever.

I will have a hard time choosing winners in my give-away (my own fault! Lottery is easier) ... some will be without, unfortunately. I'll let you know my decision on Monday!


Veja cecilia said...

imorgon ska jag också vara hemma med lera, fast utan sjuka barn:)

Christine Clemmensen said...

God bedring med ham.
Jeg har lige læst sidste søndags business-post. Fantastisk!

gracia said...

With fever at any age sounds worrying, but especially, I imagine, when it is your dear little one. Hope all are well and healthy now for I am catching up on posts I have missed.

g xo

marie-louise said...

Tänk vad fina grejer små barn kan göra. Och dom är ju entusiastiska när dom håller på!