Tuesday, October 06, 2009


... OK.
It's beetroot.
Some days it doesn't get more creative than this.

Mike Stimpson takes photos of lego


We Blog Artists said...

Lol...such a powerful image...
I am new to your blog, and have fallen in love with your work!
Lovely to meet such a talent.

marie-louise said...

Men du är dramatisk!

Anairam said...

Great image! It reminds me of the incidental 'art' I made when I cleared out my kitchen cupboard:


I once tried to dye a cotton scarf using beetroot juice - but most of it washed out and all that remains now is a faint blush of pink!

Veja cecilia said...


Lotte said...

not bad at all :)

alex said...

Beetroot is actually excellent as stage blood because cooked with starch before used it's about the only substance that vanishes completely when whashed at high temperatures. Used it on Layd Macbeth's bloody hands and her white dress came back from the cleaner spotless time and time again.