Sunday, February 22, 2009

white weekend

In London I spotted foxes every day. Here in Gothenburg, Sweden, I see hares often. I think the two animals - fox and hare - in some way can be seen as symbols for the two different places. The fox is a predator and the hare is not. One is child friendly the other not. There are good things - and bad - with both. (I'll be back on this subject later.)


Esti said...

is that a turtle in the bathtub?
the picture is great!
fox and hare... pretty interesting.

asphalt and air said...

these two photos are simply lovely...i especially love the bath photo (so sweet!).

Veja cecilia said...

fin fina biler, är det en sköldpadda i badet?
jag har taggat dig!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos to accompany your thoughts... I await your return to such things (in due course, I see you are most busy), eagerly.
g xo