Sunday, February 01, 2009

Things to do in London 3

I'm continuing to share my little ever-day things to do in London. A bit of a farewell. I'm leaving on Friday.

Find money
People tend to dislike the little copper coins - 1 and 2 pence. If you just tune your eyes into looking for them you'll see them everywhere. Especially good places to look are outside grocery stores and tube/train stations. I've even seen people just putting them on a wall or tossing them over their shoulder.

Yes, you might say, but they are worth almost nothing. True, but it depends on have you value things. After 2-3 weeks of daily looking you might have earned yourself a cup of coffee - and the pleasure of seeing how they react when you pay in 1 pence coins. Or you can always say to people " a penny for your thoughts"- and buy many thoughts. Save up many and give to a small child - they will consider it a fortune.

Just a word of advice; do not go coin hunting in fountains (or don't let anyone see you). People do not like that. They get very hostile.
I speak of experience.


Anonymous said...

I had a bad fountain experience too!

aimee said...

did i read this correctly? have you gone pence-hunting in fountains??

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people leave such things lying about. On the floors of cafes and trams, few people will stoop to pick up anything smaller than a 50cent piece. It is amusing.

Best of luck with your move, g xo

Esti said...

ha, ha... fountain experiences... ha, ha...
A penny for your thoughts is an expression that I like a lot :)

●• Thereza said...

it'll be hard to spot any today though...snow's coming thick and fast over here :)))

asphalt and air said...

such a sweet blog entry.
the bit about the fountain is just too funny!