Thursday, October 30, 2008

two layers

...when you see something through something else. It's like double exposure.

The last photo suddenly reminded me of a friend - Miska Knapek. He is a wonderful person and artist who now finally seems to start getting the acknowledgment he so much deserves; Galleri Lavignes-Bastille Paris arranged by NEW Magazine.

Miska makes (to simplify it) Time Sliced Images - Visualising time and space. You can see his work either as photos or as animations. This is really interesting work - but you need to take your time to be able to really appreciate it.


famapa said...

vad intressant med time splicing!

och usch fy att det bara är 15 grader hemma hos er i lägenheten! engelska gamla hus kan verkligen vara grymma... har ni luftat ur elementen? testa!

har taggat dig idag, hoppas att du vill vara med och leka! tjing!

●• Thereza said...

interesting work. i really like it. will look in more detail once i've grabbed a glass of wine, after all it's friday night!
have a lovely weekend, dear :)