Thursday, October 09, 2008

details about me

The world of blogging has its own unspoken rules and customs. You should answer comments and pay a visit in return (I can be without manners here - but I do love your comments) and there are games to be played: you can get tagged. Someone wants to know more about me - and I will play the game:

Clothes - should just magically appear in my closet and drawers. Sometimes I dream that I discover a forgotten closet – or even extra rooms – full of wonderful clothes. They are either mine that I had forgotten about, either my mother’s or grandmother’s - or just fantastic old clothes from out of the blue. All of them are of course beautiful dresses (not sensible every day clothes).
Furniture - is good to have. I wish I had a sofa or an armchair.
Sweet – yes. I can be sweet.
City – Kota Bahru – where the rats are plenty, big and aggressive and where they sell no alcohol (I do not want to admit the truth: Paris)
Drink – anything with alcohol will do. I’m Swedish
Music - I’ve heard of that.
TV - I do not have.
Film –everything (almost) by Peter Greenway. Manga.
Workout – work outside? I’m a certified aerobic instructor
Pastries – no, thanks.
Coffee – will wake you up. You’ll get yellowish teeth. I got my first own coffee cup when I was 5 years old.

thanks Asphalt and Air for asking. When it comes to tagging someone else I say the same as sandra

(anyone who thought the two previous posts were my answers to no 1 were - obviously - wrong)

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asphalt and air said...

Alexandra, I so enjoyed reading your answers. They are honest and witty. It's nice that you agreed to play along with the tag game. And it's nice that I got to know you just a little bit better.