Friday, October 17, 2008

childhood memories

Yesterday my funny eye had a post about how you can challenge yourself. You can challenge yourself to really see, to notice things - or to work in a more creative way with materials and ideas. I signed up for the Scavenger Project because I thought it was a fun idea - and then I realized I would have very little time to work on the list (surprise?). So I gave myself some limitations to challenge myself and solve the time-issue. My contributions should be:
  • idea- based
  • using simple "childish" materials or in art-context unusual materials
  • be fast to create when the idea was once there
  • not take time from my other work (ideas should be worked on when playing with my son, running or cooking etc)
  • be childish (preferably not cynic)
The photos above show how I interpret "childhood memories". Only one of the photos should be used - which one do you prefer?

(by the way: the cats from the other day were also part of this project)


rebecca said...

I saw these pictures in the Scavenger Project Fickr group! It looks like you have made a really good start.

I like your way of thinking and the rules you have set out for yourself so that you don't end up spending too long on the proect. I seem to have taken on too much too (again) and I think maybe I will take a leaf from your book when it comes to finally starting the project. Thank you :)

Josy said...

I like the last one.

The first two, when I first saw them, looked to me like a berry or a gall on a branch.

The third one, aside from being recognizable as to what I'm looking at, allows me to view the creator within the context of her creation (which is something I love to see).

Very creative!

Veja cecilia said...

jag gillar verkligen den nedersta. Den berättar en historia. men kanske är det så att de första två behövs för att det ska bli en historia? fint som bara den är det:)

Esti said...

if i had to pick just one (ilike them all) well, i'd go for the second one

Konstepidemin/Epidemic of Art said...

Vilka bra begränsningar för utmaningarna. Tvåan eller trean, kan inte välja. Ettan är lite ruskig, man vet inte varför figuren dyker på huvudet, i tvåan ser det mer frivilligt ut att släppa taget. Ha det fortsatt skoj med projektet!

●• Thereza said...

they're all beautiful, i really can't choose just one!u sure they wouldn't take a set? :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I'll go on your suggestion Thereza - I'll make it a set .. or rather a triptych (I like them, you know). What is interesting with combining them is that the triprych becomes about the construction of childhood. Construction of childhood memories.

And Josy pointed out - it is always interesting to see the creator within the context of creation! (the creator of childhood memories and of the art piece)

Anonymous said...

They are all wonderful!
But I think the first one is my favorite!