Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm back.
But in London
The new apartment is fully furnished.
My art is on the wall.
Food in the fridge
Vegetables and fruits from the farmers market on the mantel piece
And today - finally: Internet (how could we once manage without?)

Thank you all for wishing me luck! Two comments on previous posts; the lovely Casmilla who gave me the sketchbook is of course Camilla (and the cover by her) - and the sketchbook is not my normal one, but the one for my children's book project.


Fifikoussout said...

woaw !!! this look so pretty !!

marie-louise said...

Du är cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!och nu är du det i London!!!!!!!!
Men jag fortsätter att skriva till dig på svenska i alla fall:)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

tackar tackar - Marie-Louise, du verkar inte så ille heller!

asphalt and air said...

welcome to your new home!
love, love your fruit and veggie mantle piece...and of course that painting, too!
the package arrived.
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
many thanks.

Andrea Tachezy said...

This all looks great together! Good that you have a new home.

●• Thereza said...

wow!!! your new home looks wonderful!! and you've got internet now, i'm so happy for you!

Bibbi said...

Det både ser ut och låter som att du har det bra där du är nu, skönt att se.

tina.t said...

vilken härlig spiselkrans ni har. mycket effektfullt med den färgglada skörden. tack för fin kommentar häromveckan. lillen verkligen spetsar öronen när jag berättar om er. skönt att se att ni kommit i ordning.