Thursday, August 07, 2008

enamel preparation

I'm working on the third face (top photo) for an enamel triptych I'm planning to print and burn on Monday. The two other photos are the first two faces made in May. Making the third part of a triptych is very tricky . It's like ending a sentence - you can turn it all around by adding something different.

I sketch in black ink, but will print in blue. The idea is to get the look of blue china taking the advantage of the shiny surface of the enamel. Here you can see how I'll make it - I always rework the print by scraping and painting before burning it.


●• Thereza said...

whoa!!! these are stunning!

Scatterbrain Tal said...

wow lovely works you have there! :)

asphalt and air said...

you are so right about the third piece - like finishing a sentence.
i am excited to see which one you will choose - they will make two very different sentences indeed.
the blue is simply lovely.
and the way the enamel floats and drifts and pulls and swims...

Christine Clemmensen said...

Wow. Very expressive and powerful