Monday, May 05, 2008

my circus blood

Yesterday we went to see the circus:

the lady with the fantastic Siamese cat balancing on a ball on a rope
- and children watching in the audience.

the clowns with buckets of paint
- and the lady with the well trained beautiful black horses.
and much more.

My circus blood?
My maternal grandmother's mother Marina (Irene's mother - see this post) run aways from home (in Austria) at age 16 - joining the circus. Marina become the circus princess dancing and posing on top of horses and elephants. Until one day an elephant dropped her in an unfortunate way. She scraped up her thigh so badly that they had to transplant skin from her buttocks to repair it. She could no longer be a circus princess as she couldn't show her naked legs anymore (because of the scars). Marina joined the ballet in Leipzig in Germany instead - a ballet dancer could wear tights.

Yes - it's true.


marie-louise said...

Vilka släktingar du har!!!!!!!!!!!
Men du, det här med cirkus - jag älskar det. Så mycket träning, så mycket nerv, hjärtklappning och anspänning... kommer publiken...
Och hela tiden flytta runt, fast i sin "vagn" som är inredd och ett hem på hjul...
Det är så storslaget och vemodigt...Ja,jag älskar cirkus!!!
Fina teckningar!

Esti said...

What a great story! I should tell thi one to my kids tonight. So humane and with a happy ending... Thanks for sharing.

asphalt and air said...

what a wonderful story!
i am a wee bit jealous of your "circus-blood".
i wish that i could have some too.