Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear President Hu Jintao

Gothenburg, May 22 2008

Dear President Hu Jintao,
With the Olympics approaching I have a splendid idea for an inauguration out of the ordinary. China has four things that would make this project possible:
  1. A LOT of people
  2. the know-how when coordinating things like military parades and meticulous inaugurations
  3. nowadays: technique!
  4. the experience of ordering people around
I understand you’re getting curious – what is this great project?

Mao seen from outer space!

The Chinese wall can be seen from the moon already so you know you can do it. Order the Chinese out with a GPS in their hand taking their position in the big Mao drawing. At Night you turn all electricity off and make them hold torches. Isn’t it a great idea?

If you’re interested in the idea I have some more sketches to show and possible alternative ways of making it come true.

Yours truly,
Alexandra Hedberg

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tina.t said...

jag gillar din mao - glöm inte att säga till alla att ta med varma filtar ;)