Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Commissioned art and animals

Today I've spend all day in front of the computer working on two different suggestions for public art:
- one is the enamels for the eleven entrances I'm working on since summer
- the other is for the Open Call for a preschool.

I keep coming up with other ideas ... kind of like spin offs, like the mirrored deer above. A blue watercolour has become solid red and voilà: Xmas. But I should work with the sketches for the enamels - I'm meeting my "clients" Thursday morning to show how I'm advancing. I want to make the animals from the Aesir Cult only, but they would like to have some Goods as well. Which I think risks becoming kitschy - and suddenly all of my efforts of making Oden (the main Good) is sooo kitschy ... Help - let's hope that's not what they want. There are a lot of kitschy things on internet when it comes to animals - check this link out for example.

And then there's the idea for the preschool. I'm working on a tree the children could interact with. But more about that later. Got to work some more!

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Czina said...

beautifull deers!!!!