Monday, October 08, 2007

Coffee and art

Last week Camilla Engman had three nice photos of different "fika" (that is coffee) on her blog. On Saturday I had a cup of Java (or at least something with caffeine) in Borås in a very non-trendy place: the Salvation Army's Café. I've been there every time I go to that town (which is like three times). Anyway - I thought of Camilla's nice photos - and decided this was one to share as well (above). It's very different. They don't know what caffè latte is, there is no French pastry or biscotti. The guy behind the counter got problems adding all the numbers handling a big order (not mine) - and said "let's say 100 crowns (10 euros) - that's a good deal for you"

Coffee as art.


Camilla Engman said...

ha ha, härlig rumpbild :)

Anonymous said...

tänkte skriva precis samma som camilla haha!

Laura said...

i love this. especially the guy leaning into get something from the frig.