Monday, October 29, 2007

tree art

I've finished my idea for the preschool - the deadline is 1st of November... so I have some time to double check things. My suggestion is a tree for every department; a two dimensional tree made in painted plywood. The idea is that it covers a whole wall from floor to ceiling. The tree is naked - so to say - and is supposed to "be dressed" by the children and their teachers. It might be covered with drawings and photos, animals and leaves, letters and numbers etc. And then of course a tree has many symbolic meanings - I 've written a page about it in my explanation. Let's hope I'll get this one!

My suggestion is practical and pedagogical, but tree art can also be more poetic (my opinion).

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Camilla Engman said...

Vem kan motstå ett naket träd som man själv får klä!? Håller tummarna.