Tuesday, March 29, 2011

trying to formulate myself

Instead of enjoying painting with my new big brush I've spend the last two days reflecting on how to best formulate what my art is about. At a point I know of course, but to put it into words in order to really pinpoint concepts and to be clear enough to avoid misunderstandings, is harder. Yesterday I was interviewed by the local paper Härryda Posten about my ongoing exhibition. Small local papers like that have journalists covering a wide range of topics - so it will be interesting to see how the journalist interpreted me...

We will finally have a official release (party?) of the book "Bortom Orden" within the Art Project with the same name! Come and joing us at Galleri Box, Kastellgatan 10, Göteborg, on Friday April 8 at 18:00. The event on Facebook


gracia said...

Finding the right words that say just what you mean is hard. Finding the right way to describe what you address through your work I find especially hard. hard to keep it open-ended yet specific. Ah, yes, hard.

Have fun on Friday.

Christine said...

Det lyder som en spændende øvelse.
Fantastisk lys i dit billede her. Foråret kommer!